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Ekimov Boris Petrovich-the Russian prose writer and publicist in me, read a passage from the book How to Tell ... raises the problem of disinterested help. The author describes how the old woman alone planted potatoes. And each new shovel was given to it all heavier and heavier. "Will dig a few times and get up. And it stands, chest leaning on the black, breathing heavily ... greedily gasping for air. " Grigory and her friend helped her. The old woman even burst into tears. "These tears Gregory remembered and twice went to Aunt Varya." Then he went to work, but did not forget the old woman. Grigory, taking ten days off, went to the village. And now every year, when garden work began, he came and helped the old woman. The author believes that such disinterested and sincere help makes a person who has it, kinder.

I completely agree with Yekimov Boris Petrovich. I believe that when a person disinterestedly helps another, he becomes purer, kinder, his soul is transformed. I will prove my words with examples from fiction. Personality Rodion Raskolnikova, the main character of the novel by FM Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment" - is very ambiguous. On the one hand, he killed two people, he talked coldly with his relatives and he can be called selfish, but on the other hand, being on the verge of poverty, he gives almost all his money to Marmeladov's funeral. Thus, Dostoevsky says that even a murderer can have a bright side of the soul. In Pushkin's novel "The Captain's Daughter" Peter Grinyov presented his hare's sheepskin coat to Pugachev, showing unprecedented generosity. Later fate brought them again and Emelyana helped Pavlusha. Thus, disinterested help is needed not only by those who need it, but also by those who provide it. It transforms the soul, makes a man kinder and purer.

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